The VI AMMCS International Conference

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada | August 14-18, 2023

Call for Abstracts and MS Proposals

The Conference has a series of special sessions and minisymposia, each devoted to a single topic. These special sessions and minisymposia are run over a full range of topics of the conference.

  1. SS-MSD Mathematics of Systems with Delay
    Organizers: Elena Braverman (University of Calgary), Anatoli Ivanov (Pennsylvania State University) and Erik Verriest (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  2. SS-AIIPMM Artificial Intelligence, Inverse Problems, and Mathematical Modelling
    Organizers: Leopoldo Bertossi (SKEMA Business School Canada, Montreal), Herb Kunze (University of Guelph) and Davide La Torre (SKEMA Business School, Universite Cote d'Azur)
  3. SS-CNT Computational Number Theory
    Organizers: Chester Weatherby (Wilfrid Laurier University) and Michael Jacobson (University of Calgary)
  4. SS-CCSMS Coupled Complex Systems and Multiple Scales, Their Modelling, and Applications
    Organizers: Sundeep Singh (UPEI, Canada), Rosa Fallahpour (University of Toronto) and Hassan Askari (General Motors)
  5. SS-MF Mathematical Finance
    Organizers: Joe Campolieti (Wilfrid Laurier University), Nick Costanzino (Claremont Graduate School) and Dan Pirjol (Stevens Institute of Technology)
  6. SS-MMNN Mathematical Models for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
    Organizers: Zoran Miskovic (University of Waterloo) and Kamran Akbari (Queen's University)
  7. SS-OCDGA Optimal Control, Differential Games, and Applications
    Organizers: Alberto Bressan (Penn State University) and Khai T. Nguyen (North Carolina State University)
  8. SS-RATAWP Recent Advances in the Theory and Applications of Wave Propagation
    Organizers: Eduard Kirr (University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign), Daniel Onofrei (University of Houston) and Nicolae Tarfulea (Purdue University Northwest)
  9. SS-MBM Mathematics in Biology and Medicine
    Organizers: Kathleen Wilkie (Toronto Metropolitan University) and Corina Drapaca (Penn State University)
  10. SS-ASDEDS Algebraic Structure of Discrete-Event Dynamical Systems, and Applications
    Organizers: Chrystopher L. Nehaniv (University of Waterloo) and Attila Egri-Nagy (Akita International University, Japan)
  11. SS-RANMSC Recent Advances in Numerical Methods and Scientific Computing
    Organizers: Christina C. Christara (University of Toronto), Dong Liang (York University), Shaun Lui (University of Manitoba) and Justin Wan (University of Waterloo)
  12. SS-QCQPQM Quantum computation, and other quantum processes in quantum matter
    Organizer: Lianao Wu (IKERBASQUE, Basque Foundation of Science and University of the Basque Country, Spain)
  13. SS-MACMQ Mathematical Aspects of Condensed Matter and Quantum Theory
    Organizers: Jonas Fransson (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University), Artur Sowa (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Saskatchewan) and Tim Trudgian (School of Science, UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defense Force Academy)
  14. SS-DSBEA Dynamical Systems in Biological and Engineering Applications
    Organizers: Maggie Han (Auburn University), Xingfu Zou (Western University) and Yuming Chen (Wilfrid Laurier University)
  15. SS-SDMICN Spatial data and modelling including the Canadian North
    Organizer: Steven Roberts (Wilfrid Laurier University)
  16. SS-TSMDA Topics in Spatiotemporal Modelling and Data Analysis
    Organizers: Devan Becker, Sunny Wang and Sukhjit Singh Sehra (Wilfrid Laurier University)
  17. SS-UAMLTDA Utilizing AI and Machine Learning Techniques for Data Analytics
    Organizer: Wenying Feng (Trent University) and Simon Xu (Algoma University)
  18. SS-RPCDSA Recent progress in complex dynamical systems and applications
    Organizers: Mohamad Alwan (University of Saskatchewan), Xinzhi Liu and Yuan Shen (University of Waterloo)
  19. SS-FDCW Fluid dynamics in cold water
    Organizers: Marek Stastna (University of Waterloo) and Jason Olsthoorn (Queen's University)
  20. SS-DF Decisions and Fairness
    Organizers: Marc Kilgour (Wilfrid Laurier University) and Bill Zwicker (Union College, New York)
  21. SS-MAAC Modeling and analysis in analytical chemistry
    Organizers: Arun Moorthy (National Institute of Standards & Technology) and Wesley Burr (Trent University)
  22. SS-SMPTTNP Solution methods and preconditioning techniques for time-dependent and nonlinear problems
    Organizers: Xiangmin Jiao (Stony Brook University) and Hong Zhang (Argonne National Laboratory)
  23. SS-MNPE Modelling NPI and PI in epidemics/pandemics
    Organizers: Jeta Molla, Iain Moyles and Jane Heffernan (York University)
  24. SS-TPCHES Tipping Points in Coupled Human-Environment Systems
    Organizers: Isaiah Farahbakhsh (University of Guelph), Chris Bauch (University of Waterloo) and Madhur Anand (University of Guelph)
  25. SS-MCSLS Modeling complex systems in life sciences
    Organizers: Blessing Emerenini (Rochester Institute of Technology), Lucia Carichino (Rochester Institute of Technology) and Ephraim Agyingi (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  26. SS-MNAPA Modeling and Numerical Analysis for PDE Applications
    Organizers: Faranak Pahlevani (Penn State University) and Lisa Davis (Montana State University)

Please submit your abstract via the AMMCS Management System. If you are submitting it to a special session, please consult with a session organizer first and, after obtaining his/her consent, submit it, clearly indicating your session ID code. Otherwise, your abstract will be considered for a contributed session. Each registered participant will obtain the AMMCS-2023 Book of Abstracts, along with the Program of the conference.

There will be also the AMMCS-2023 refereed proceedings, published after the conference. Submission of full conference papers is not mandatory.