The V AMMCS International Conference

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada | August 18-23, 2019

AMMCS 2019 Awards and Prizes

Student Prize Winners

Special Session (SS) Student Presentation Award:

  1. 1st - Daniel Martin (University of Colorado, Boulder) – Continued fractions in imaginary quadratic fields
  2. 2nd - Jiaqi Yang (Georgia Institute of Technology) – Rigorous proof of existence and computation of a family of solutions in state-dependent delay equations

Contributed Session (CS) Student Presentation Award:

  1. 1st - Dominik Kahl (University of Applied Sciences Koblenz) - Structural Invertibility and Optimal Sensor Node Placement for Error and Input Reconstruction in Dynamic Systems
  2. 2nd - Malhar Mukhopadhyay (Wilfrid Laurier University) - Calibration and Analysis of Structural Credit Risk Models with Occupation Time

Student Poster Presentation Award:

  1. 1st - Brandon Buonacorsi (University of Waterloo) - Simulating coherent electron shuttling in quantum dots
  2. 2nd - Nishan Mudalige (University of Guelph) - BOLD.R: A software package to interface directly with BOLD through R

The AMMCS Kolmogorov-Wiener Prize for Young Researchers

Siran Li, (Rice University & McGill University)

Award citation: Siran Li received his D. Phil. from the University of Oxford in 2017, after completing his B.A. in Mathematics at Columbia University. After his graduation, he has shared his responsibility between the Rice University (Houston, USA) as a G. C. Evans Instructor and the Centre de Recherches Mathematiques and Institut des Sciences Mathematiques (Montreal, Canada) as a CRM–ISM Post-doctoral Fellow. Dr. Siran Li’s research interests include a wide range of topics such as analysis of PDEs and geometric analysis, calculus of variations and mechanics, as well as applications in physics, engineering and statistics. Among his many achievements, he made significant contribution to the research program aimed at relating the Euler equations of gas dynamics to the problem of isometric immersion of surfaces in differential geometry. At the time of the award, he has published and submitted over twenty journal publications, most of which to the top tier journals of his field. Dr. Siran Li’s work is largely motivated by the problems arising in applications and it is centered on developing and applying highly innovative mathematical tools from analysis, geometry, and mechanics.

Student Travel Awards

  • Nishan Mudalige (University of Guelph - Canada)
  • Nicholas Laracuente (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - USA)
  • MD Mondal Hasan Zahid (University of Texas, Arlington – USA)
  • Jingyang Shu (University of California, Davis – USA)
  • Adejimi Adeniji (Tshwane University of Technology – South Africa)
  • Amit Sharma (JC DAV College Dasuya - India)
  • Amandeep Singh (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali - India)