The V AMMCS International Conference

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada | August 18-23, 2019

Minisymposium (ID: SS-FCQAMIM)

Fields-CQAM Special Session on Industrial Mathematics

Huaxiong Huang (York University, Michael McCulloch (CQAM-Fields), and Sean Bohun (Univeristy of Ontario Institue of Technology)

The Fields Centre for Quantitative Analysis and Modelling (Fields-CQAM) aims to further Ontario's status as an international leader in the development and deployment of advanced mathematical techniques and methodologies. Fields-CQAM pursues this goal by forging new partnerships between industry and academia. Through our university-based "labs" and a wide range of events and activities, Fields-CQAM provides new platforms for high-level training, collaborative research and intellectual creativity. Our session at the AMMCS will feature presentations by both Fields-CQAM lab leaders and affiliated researchers.

Dr. Hector Budman of the University of Waterloo will discuss advanced modeling of mammalian cells through our lab in Chemical Process Industries at Queen’s University. Dr. Bogumił Kamiński of the Warsaw School of Economics will speak on the identification of communities in complex networks using hypergraph modularity through our lab in Computational Methods at Ryerson University. Dr. Martin Guay of Queen's University will discuss data-based optimization for learning and control at the our lab in Chemical Process Industries. Finally, Dr. Alec Jacobson of the University of Toronto will present a talk entitled "Geometry Processing in the Wild". His presentation will detail why, despite bountiful geometric data, our current algorithms for geometric processing consistently fail.

From our community of affiliated researchers at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Dr. Mohammad Khatami will present on simulating elastic-like polypeptides to better understand the mechanical properties of materials and Dr. Lennaert van Veen will discuss his new industrial collaborations. In addition, Brady Merethal will talk about new methods of modelling tunable lasers with functional composition; Leanna Calla will discuss advances in the forensic estimation of time of death; Cory Falconer will present on image reconstruction; and David Babalola will speak on new techniques of molecular reconstruction using Coulomb imaging.

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